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Electrical engineering first level discipline ("new energy vehicles" Jiangsu province dominant discipline)

The discipline of electrical engineering fully relies on and plays the role of multidisciplinary support and cross-cutting development. It is in line with the cross-integration and development of national key disciplines of agricultural electrification and automation, national key discipline cultivation mechanical engineering, and Jiangsu provincial key disciplines of control science and engineering. 2006 Approved a master's degree discipline in 2012, approved the post-doctoral research station in 2012. After years of construction, the new energy vehicles jointly declared with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2014 have been approved as the second-phase construction project of the dominant discipline in Jiangsu Province. In 2014, Excellent academic evaluation. Disciplines have formed a distinctive, relatively stable five research directions: (1) magnetic levitation bearingless drive system theory and control; (2) high efficiency motor design theory and application; (3) smart grid and new energy technologies; (4 ) Highly reliable electric drive theory and power electronics technology; (5) Electrician new theory and application of new technologies. In the personnel training, scientific research and social services, rich results, significant economic and social benefits. Discipline pay attention to strengthening the overall planning of a subject construction, to achieve sustainable development. Focusing on the needs of national development strategies and the outline of the development of electrical engineering disciplines in the next 10 years, we will pool academic teams and set up academic echelon and teams in five innovative frontier disciplines to explore the theme of "academic leader + academic Leader + academic echelon "talent training and management model to create a good academic environment to attract and develop academic backbone of young and middle-aged, improve the team to undertake large projects, the ability to produce great achievements, to achieve sustainable and rapid development of electrical engineering disciplines.

Subjects after years of training, the basic formation of a reasonable faculty structure, with a doctorate and a high proportion of teachers studying abroad experience, a national teaching team, Jiangsu Province, "Blue Project" team of two scientific and technological innovation, the national "hundred One person with outstanding achievements of "one million", one young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions from the state, one teacher in teaching in Jiangsu Province, three leading talents in "333 Project" in Jiangsu Province, two academic leaders, and academic leaders of "Qinglan Project" in Jiangsu Province 4 people, Jiangsu Province, "six talents peak" funding target 5 people. He has presided over and undertaken more than 100 projects of National 863 and National Natural Science Foundation of China, with annual research funding of over 10 million yuan, 35 state and provincial science and technology awards, including 3 second prize of national technology invention (cooperation), provincial Science and Technology Award 7, published more than 500 domestic and international academic papers, SCI, EI and other three major search more than 300 articles, authorized more than 100 invention patents, the transfer of a number of achievements, monographs and textbooks 18; disciplines with hybrid National Engineering Research Center of Vehicle Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Electric Vehicle Drive and Intelligent Control, Jiangsu Electric and Electronic Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Jiangsu University - Daquan Group Electrical Engineering Practice Teaching Center and other disciplines platform. The internationalization of personnel training has significantly improved. A number of young teachers have successfully entered the international elite or national key disciplines through various channels. The key laboratories of Ph.D. degree programs and visits and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology make senior visiting scholar. The discipline management system and institutions are sound, The quality of research personnel training is high, in recent years, 5 people won the provincial master's degree thesis, graduates by the employing units and the community generally praised.

Disciplines around the high performance and reliability of the motor, power transmission technology, power electronics, smart appliances and smart grid, industrial automation and control to carry out research and application, with the power electronics, DSP digital technology, industrial automation technology, power system automation technology And other vigorously and rapidly developed, with the CLP Group, Daquan Group, Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Group, FAW Xichai, Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd., Nanjing earth knife, Eaton Power Equipment Co., Ltd. and other units to carry out research cooperation In recent years, we have made a number of influential and significant achievements in engineering application research and social services. In cooperation with China Electric Power Group, Jiangsu Province, the special funds for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements: intelligent mine explosion-proof mobile load center key technology development and industrialization of the major achievements completed, the results in the mine flameproof mobile power station has been successfully applied , Achieved good economic and social benefits. In cooperation with Changzhou Auxiliary Power Plant, under the support of Jiangsu Key Science and Technology Support Project (Industrial) Project "Development of Highly Reliable Reluctance Speed Regulating Valve Electric Actuator for Nuclear Power Station" Speed valve electric actuator development, with its unique performance, the third generation of nuclear power units to achieve the technical parameters of electrical devices, reaching the international advanced level, the leading domestic level.

After several generations of electrical people's unremitting efforts, electrical engineering disciplines to strengthen the comprehensive functions of personnel training, scientific research and social services, strengthen the advantages and characteristics, strengthen team building, strengthen integration and integration, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, strengthen mechanism innovation, strengthen the construction responsibility Has made important progress in eight aspects, laying a solid foundation for the further development of the discipline. Subjects will further study and implement the spirit of the 19 th National Congress of the CPC and meet the people's satisfaction with the university. Taking advantage of new opportunities for development, adhering to the motto of "Erudition, Truth-seeking, and Morality," we will focus on the development theme of "enhancing connotation and strengthening features" , Adhere to the teaching concept of "four priorities" of teaching quality, personnel training, independent innovation and social services, make concerted efforts and courageously create first-class research characteristics with more distinctive characteristics. The 1-2 research directions have reached the first-class in China and the international Impact, high-level discipline platform and make unremitting efforts!