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Professor Hua Wei of Southeast University Make Report in Our School
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In the afternoon of December 5, The professor Huawei of Southeast University comes to our school. In the 415 auditorium of electrical building, he made the academic report entitled "Progress of new energy vehicles and Flux brushless motor is switched". Report was chaired by Professor Guo hai Liu , Dean of School of Electrical Engineering, Professor Huang Qiu Zhu, Party secretary of School of Electrical Engineering , Professor Xiao Yong Zhu, vice president of Electrical Engineering and nearly 200 student representatives attended the meeting.

Hua Wei is the professor and doctoral tutor of school of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University, National Tsing gifted winner. He once studied at Sheffield University in England as a senior visiting scholar. Now, he is the deputy director of the special committee of new energy vehicles, Jiangsu Province. In recent years, he is focusing on the study about the basic theory and key technologies of efficient motor system in the field of new energy vehicles, rail transportation, wind power and other clean energy utilization and conversion. He has presided over 973 sub-items, the National Natural Science foundation of outstanding Youth, Southeast University outstanding Youth Enhancement Scheme and more than 20 items. He has been selected as the "Hua Ying young scholars," the six talents peak Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province blue Project young academic leaders, Jiangsu Province, 333 projects foster objects.

At the meeting, department head LIU Guohai represented  teachers and students welcomed the arrival of the professor Hua Wei warmly.Academic report made by Professor Hua Wei  included new energy vehicles drive technology, the flux switching brushless motor and Summary and Outlook.Firstly he told us about the new energy vehicles new drive motor and drive technology, followed by permanent magnet brushless motor in recent years in the field of research focus and technical difficulties.He explained the new flux switching brushless motor of development history,working principle and electromagnetic analysis to us ,and show us findings of his research group,including the test of results of the prototype. Finally, he made a summary of this proposed that the design of the cooling system is an important factor restricting the power density. After the report,professor Hua Wei carried out exchanges and lively discussion with teachers and students.

The professor Hua Wei popularizes relevant knowledge of  the new energy vehicle and magnetic flux switching brushless motor in this report. The current study of new energy vehicles and motor driving technology is a hot spot in China. Our institute has also established Jiangsu province key laboratory of drive and intelligent control of the electric vehicle. The report of the professor huawei will encourage all students to study with great concentration in order to make a contribution to the development of new energy vehicles and motor driving technology in China.