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Winter sent Warm
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Arrived in the winter, the days are cold. In order to give Golden Hill apartment for the elderly to bring some warm, some moved, in November 30th, the Institute of electrical YVA volunteers to Chinese Red Cross volunteers to Jinshan apartments for the elderly, with their warm heart to warm the grandpa's grandmother.

At 13:00, the Institute of electrical YVA volunteers from the racing time of departure. To Jinshan apartments for the elderly, the volunteers warmly greet to old people. The old man to see volunteer

The arrival of the person with a happy smile. After consultation with the president and expression of purpose, medical school beautiful little nurse for every man to measure blood pressure in the apartment, consulting the condition of their body, and told them to take care of the body, every day happy. Activities in the process, the volunteers and the old heart of the exchange, the old people told them some of their own life experience, and they that s a difficult history. In addition, the volunteers also use their beautiful songs and magic to win applause and praise man.

"Winter sent Warm"activities in to old people to send warmth and happiness at the same time, let us understand that the old people. Hope that through this activity can spread more positive energy, let more people to participate in public welfare activities, so that our society will be more harmonious, more full of love