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Decoupling control of multi-motor variable frequency speed-regulating system

When Neural Network Inverse (NNI) method is adopted, the accurate mathematical model of system does not need to be given. After using neural network to construct the inverse system of original system, the object will be compensated to be a decoupled pseudo-linear system which has a linear relationship. Then close-loop controllers are designed to protect the robustness of each decoupled subsystem, respectively.

Combining NNI method with other control algorithm, such as Internal Model Control (IMC), Predictive Control (PC), Fuzzy Control (FC), Optimal Control (OC), to protect the high performance of system control.


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 Research on Active Power Filter System Based on DSP

In recent years, with the wide application of power electronic devices, the problem of harmonic pollution in power system has become more and more serious. The harmonics seriously degrade the grid power quality and the safe operation of the equipments of users. Active Power Filter(APF) is a kind of power electronic devices which can suppress harmonic dynamically and has been attracting great attention. It can dynamically track and compensate the harmonic current with their frequency and amplitude changing. In addition, its compensation performance is not affected by the grid impedance.

The harmonic current is detected from the compensated objects and then the compensation device generates a compensatory current which is equal to but opposite to the load harmonic current and injects them into the power grid. Finally, the grid current only contains the fundamental current component.



Control system of brushless DC motor for electric bicycle

Brushless DC motors incorporate many merits such as good mechanical property, high overload capacity, easy control, good stability, low noise, easy maintenance, long operation life and small size. Hence, they have become the most appropriate drive source of electric bicycle. This project is to provide the controller of brushless DC motor for electric bicycle.



Design and analysis of permanent magnet motor

According to the static characteristics of the permanent magnet (PM) motor such as flux linkage, back electromotive force, self and mutual inductance, the research on analysis, design and control of these motors can be carried out. Then, the mathematical model of PM motor can be built and deduced from basic laws of electromagnetism, using the finite-element method or other calculation method. From the mathematical model, the intrinsic relationship among the electrical parameters performance and structure of PM motor can be obtained, which provide the foundation for design and performance analysis of PM motor. Considering the impact of couple between motor and its controller in motor control system, field-circuit co-simulation method is adopted to analyze the system fault. Since this method can realize the transient co-simulation of magnetic field-circuit and motion equation, it is necessary and efficient.