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Laboratory Center of Electrical Engineering

The electrical and information engineering experiment center of school of electrical and information engineering, Jiangsu University electronic information is under the university, which is belong to the campus secondary system. We open to undergraduates related to the courses of electrical, electronic and information, electrical and automation, etc. It is the scientific research base for graduate students, research and certain social services.

The lab center established for the electronics lab of foundational courses department in Zhenjiang agricultural and mechanical college in1960. After establishing the department of electrical, it built electro circuit, electrotechnics and electronics, electrical engineering and automation laboratories newly. And in 1997, they merged to form the Central Laboratory for the Electrical and Electronic, which is the centralized laboratory in the Jiangsu University (Jiangsu University of Science & Technology, the original). In the same year, we obtained outstanding achievements in the first round of assessment of university foundational courses teaching laboratory organized by the Jiangsu Province. In 2001, because of the merging of the original Jiangsu University of Science & Technology, Zhenjiang medical school and Zhenjiang Normal Specialized Postsecondary College, the laboratory and the corresponding laboratories from the other schools is merged into the newly Lab center of electrical engineering. In the process of Undergraduate Teaching Assessment organized by Ministry of Education in 2004, it got particular Inspection Assessment from the experts, and obtained highly praised in the laboratory building, teaching, and management and so on. In August 2005, theElectrical & Electronic Experimental Center is selected as “the demonstration center of foundational courses experiment teaching of the higher education institution in Jiangsu Province”. And it passed Inspection and acceptance of Jiangsu education department with “Excellent” and became experimental teaching demonstration centers officially.

At present the lab center owns 6308m2 space, various types of equipment of a total of 4200 which worth more than 31 million Yuan. There are one foundational lab center and 5 specialized laboratories with the sum of 33 experiment modules. It set up experiment course and related curriculum design for 267 classes. In 2010, it set up 709 experiment items of 163 courses for 659 classes with the 17915 person-times and 398,000 person-hours per year. It accomplished Graduation Project and curriculum design for 38 classes and served for more than 300 Graduates in the electrical and information engineering school.

Now the lab center published 47 textbooks, monographs, professional skills training materials (including 8 national planning materials, 1 provincial quality materials), wrote experimental instructions 37, and made 15 Experimental apparatus and 52 experimental teaching multimedia software and network courseware.

Lab Center used level management system by the school and the department. On the one hand, make sure the investment of school, on the other hand, experimental center accelerate the training of the experimental teachers greatly by rely on the professional advantages of department, which increase the level of experimental teaching and management. Now the laboratory have supported by 3 doctoral programs which are Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Power Electronics and Power Drives, Control Theory and Control Engineering; 12 master programs which are Electrical engineering, control theory and control engineering etc; 6 undergraduate programs (there are 3 features professions in Jiangsu Province) and 1 national key disciplines. Through professional with academic building, the center had amount of funding.

After several years of construction, Lab Center of Electrical Engineering has modern equipment, the advanced formation of experimental teaching philosophy and experimental teaching system, and built the country's leading open network management platform. The Lab has better software and hardware conditions to train undergraduate and graduate which has research, application-oriented, composite and creative talents. Trained student basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills and integrated use of knowledge and preliminary research ability is the next step and basic objectives to build new institutes by school and centers.

To ensure broad benefits, a large area of train, while provide opportunities to outstanding students for further studies and promote top-notch students come to the fore, which also develop innovative application-oriented students and improve their employment rate.

Lab center deals with the relationships of classic and modern, basic and comprehensive, theory and applications, part and whole, etc. Closely around the development of electrical engineering and control engineering, improve the test content, development of new experiments, which are more concerned based competency training, reflecting the new devices, new technologies, new methods of analysis and increase the design, comprehensive of the experiments, trained more qualifiers adapt to the needs of society.

With the care and support of the school leadership and school-related department, the laboratory equipment’s use rate, good rates, experiment out rate of Lab Center of Electrical Engineering is all over 96%.

The results of teaching and research about laboratories play an important role in supporting such as the report of the 2010 Control Science and Engineering doctoral level, provincial assessment about National key disciplines of Agricultural Electrical Engineering, the national excellent teaching team in 2010, and made important contribution to build the professional brand in national and provincial fields.

In the processing of completing the task of teaching program, the lab center built it self as a base for curricular innovation and Independent research study to teach according to the student's ability so as to discover and develop talents. The lab center co-operates with ALTEAR, XININX, NI, and Siemens and so on and constructs Joint Laboratory. In the cooperation, it conducted several training for about 1863 undergraduates. In 2010, students in E-Innovation experiment obtained one first prize, six second prizes in the Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest in Jiangsu province. Meanwhile, it obtained the third group award, 2 personal second awards in the Graduate Electronic Design Competition of the East Division. TheLaboratory Center holds all kinds of extracurricular practice, Student Research Training and discipline competition each year which attracts about 1600 person-time to join in it. And the lab center successfully held Robot Contest and CPLD & Electronic Design Contest of Jiangsu University Three consecutive years. It makes a great contribution to develop engineering talents for Jiangsu University.

The lab center accomplished one 863 project and still undertook one 863 project, 4 National Program Items and several provincial or ministry level projects. It got 1 second Mechanical Industrial Technology Advancement Award, and published 20 articles, and obtained research funding more than 200,000, and 1 Identification of the Ministry of Provincial.