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The School of Electrical and Information Engineering is one of the four oldest and distinguished departments at Jiangsu University. Its origins can be traced back to the Department of Electrical Engineering established in 1977, Authorized by the government of Jiangsu, the department was renamed the School of Electrical and Information Engineering in 1999. Over the last few decades, the department has been one of the key departments at the university. Now the School has currently over 150 academic and administrative staff members, including 20 full professors(14 doctoral supervisors) and 40 associate professors.

At present, the School of Electrical and Information Engineering has 1 national key discipline of “Agricultural Electrification and Automation”, has a primary discipline doctor degree program of “Control Science and Engineering”(including the 2 secondary disciplines of “Power Electronics and Drives” and “Agricultural Electrification and Automation”). The school also has 1 primary discipline master degree program of “Electrical Engineering” discipline (including the 9 secondary disciplines of “Control Theory and Control Engineering”, “Signal and Information Processing”, “Biomedical engineering” and so on.)

Currently, the school offers 6 specialties for undergraduates: Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Biomedical engineering. Among them, Electrical Engineering and Automation is selected as a in-construction national special specialty,  Electronic Information Engineering is a brand specialty of Jiangsu Province. The “Principle of Circuit” course of the Department of Electronic Information Engineering was awarded as National Quality Curriculum, which is the first one course in Jiangsu University. Now the Experimental Center of Electrical and Electronic is the one of Model Experimental Centers of Jiangsu. There are 400 doctoral and master candidates, and 1700 undergraduate students in our school now.

The school has set up five departments: Department of Automation, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Department of Electronic Information Science and Technology, Department of Biomedical engineering, Electrical and Electronic teaching and research section and a Experimental Center of the university level. The school also has four research institutes: Institute of Automation, Institute of Intelligent Electrical Equipment, Institute of Agricultural Electrification and Automation and Institute of biotechnology and Control.

In the recent five years, the school win many teaching achievements and awards. There are one Distinguished Teacher of Jiangsu Province and one Distinguished Teacher of Jiangsu University. In July of 2009, the “Reform and Practices of Main Technologic Basic Curriculums of Electrical Professional Technology” participated in by teachers of the Department of Electronic Information Engineering won the second prize of national teaching achievements; in May of 2010, “Analog and Digital Electronic Technology” was elected as Jiangsu province’s quality course; in July of 2010, the “Teaching Team of Main Technologic Basic Curriculums of Electrical Major” entered the election of national teaching teams.

Our science research activities are supported by more than 100 research grants awarded over the last ten years, including many grants from NSFC, National “863” High-Tech Projects, National Key Projects, etc. Apart from basic research, our staffs have been actively engaged in applied research and technology transfer. A lot of researching success has reached the advanced level in relating areas. Over the ten years, the school has been awarded 30 national and provincial/ministerial level awards, 30 patents, 1 national level Technological Development Awards, and has published over 1000 referred technical papers, 30 monographs and textbooks.

At the beginning of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the mission of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering is to produce the higher quality of graduates to serve the society, and highlights cultivation of student’s innovative spirit and sticks on the road for internationalization and spares no efforts to cultivate talents with international vision and competitiveness.